How to make money online – Strategies by using Clixsense

How to make money online by using Clixsense. Are you interested in working from home and at the same time do you want to earn some extra money? Definetely this platform is for you. The main focus of Clixsense consists of seeing advertisements for a short period of time and earn money directly to your paypal account.

How to make money online – Clixsense

Clixsense is one of the biggest and known platforms  to earn money on Internet all over the world. A confident platform where you can get the best of it. Clixsense pays to you from 0.01$ to 0.05$ and every day offers around 46 adverts to be seen. Each advertisement has its own time that goes from 3 until 60 seconds. Seeing these adverts we will be able to get some extra money from our cosy  home. It sounds good, right?

How to make money online - Strategies by using Clixsense

Registration Clixsense

First of all we must go to

How to make money online - Strategies by using Clixsense

First steps

In the main screen it appears a form to be filled out, if it does not come up, please remember to click on Sign up tab at the top of the page. You have to complete this form properly in order to avoid having problems. Once you are registered on the system you will be capable to start seeing advertisements.

How to make money online - Strategies by using Clixsense

As you can see, it exists several kind of adverts sorted out by types such us micro, mini, standard and extended. Depending on the advertisement and the time spend to see it, the incomes are different. Please remember to have your paypal account active because you will be receiving the future profits on it. In order to be registered on Paypal you just need to click  on paypal.make money on internetIn order to be registered on paypal we have to choose the option “receive payments through paypal”, moreover you should know that for activating a paypal account we need a real credit card in order to use this service, otherwise it wil be not possible to earn money.

Clixsense, it also offers the posibility of earning money by  performing  tasks as it shows the next image:

make money on internet

As you see, clixksense offers a full package of ways for earning money from home, but what are the best strategies to improve our incomes? During this article we will provide you several guides or strategies to do that. The main features on Clixsense are:

  • Clixsense does not allow you to rent referred people.
  • Profits are between 0.01$ and 0.05$
  • It offers a huge variety of advertisements every day.
  • It offers funny games for your entertainment.

Stategies for earning more money on Clixsense

How to get direct referred people

This strategy consists of telling to your friends as well as family to registered on this platform. For each new sign up you will be earning 0.50$ (STANDARD ACCOUNT) or 1.00$ if you have a premium account. Advertsiments seen by your direct referred people will give you more money depending on the membership account you have, please find below an image that explains the benefits.

Types of ADV Standard Premium
Micro 0,0002 0,004
Mini 0,0010 0,0020
Standard 0,0020 0,0040
Extend 0,0020 0,0040
Other 0,0001 0,0001

As a reminder, the standard account is free and the Premium account costs around 17$ per year.

How to get  unknwon referred people

You can get more people by swapping your referred link or a your affiliate Link to different forums, social networks and talking to people related to your same proposals.

Clixsense offers a link with your name that is used to register other people. You can share this link to other people that you do not know and convince them to do it. You must engage with these people and make other sign ups on other platforms as exchange. This is a good way to get some new referred people to you.

You have to engage yourself to see advertisments every day in other plataforms on the same way they do it for you, therefore everybody is able to earn money.

Get a Premium Account

Either If you reached the amount of 17.00$ or if you wanted to keep earning more incomes on Clixsense,  definetely the best option is to hire a Premium account. This is a good alternative to improve your profits. You will earn a little bit more either by new signs up or just per each advertisement seen by your referred people.

You will be capable of getting more referred people. The progras contains until 8 levels for Clixsense. Premium account allows you  to earn money from the referred people coming from your already referred people, hence the incomes or profits grow up very quickly. It sounds impressive right? Go on and get started with it right now!

Advertising sales

If you’re good at sales, you can offer to your referred people to buy credits for advertisements, this can be done from different ways either  by boosting your website or  generating more convenient traffic on it. If your referred people buy credits for advertisements or ClixGrid you can get an extra bonus without doing nothing!

If you have a standard account you will get a commission for purchasing 10% around $1.00 with a limit of 100$.  On ther other hand if you have a premium account, you will get a commission for purchasing  10% around $2.00 and is totally unlimited.


If you are a person that loves making surveys, do not hesitate to do this activity. Clixsense offers a varied list where you can get a good commission of 5% for Standard and 10% for Premium.

Clixsense is a very good alternative to earn money, offers many possibilities for getting incomes. Undoubtedly one of the most recommended is to invite everyone who can join this platform through your “username“. By doing this with the acquisition of a premium account you will be capable to get as much money as you want.

Remember that this works by “network” getting referred assets that are commited to make ads visits daily. It also offers a huge variety of ways to generate profits, for example answering surveys you can get excellent incomes, adding this to have several active referred people each day, you will be capable of reaching your goal quickly.

Remember that in order to generate large amounts you must be committed to the PTC If you have the opportunity to invest the amount of $ 17.00 for the Premium account, please do it, the advantages that this type of account offers are very generous so do not hesitate to get one.

Join today! this great PTC  will bring you many incomes. Start from now on to investigate about this great PTC which undoubtedly brings many benefits and start spreading your affiliate link with your acquaintances, family or known people, so you may notice that the time invested in this simple job from home will bring a very good compensation.

If you are consistent and sufficiently active in this new alternative, which is being used around the world to generate a lot of money, will be an excellent opportunity for profitable business that will provide  you security and stability. Please find enclosed a proof of one of my payments from 2016:

make money on internet
Sign in Clixsense

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