COMO Ganar DINERO En Internet DICIEMBRE 2016 |(FACIL Y RAPIDO) (100% CONFIABLE) | Las Mejores PTC-S

Hi, how are you, my friends? I'm a master I am master tutos and in this video I will show you the top of the ptc that yes Everyone wants to pay one thing when When we enter a ptc earn money Because although all ptc are not reliable In this everything I will show you the best Ptc that yes they pay Let's start number 7 legacyclic This page bears Five years in the market has Different forms of payment between payza paypal and stp The page pays you $ 0

001 per Each click and $ 0005 per click Of the aforementioned For those who do not know that they are the There are two types of referral One direct referrals are those People you invite to the page With a reference link that will give you in the same 2 referred to as rented as their As its name says these referrals You have to rent them to do it You must pay money for each Unlike the direct ones these Mentioned may last for a month, but renew number 6 scarlet clic Works the same way That the other ptc is accepted in all The least-China pays 0001 Dollars per click and $ 0004 By the clips of the referred ones The minimum payment is $ 4 Payments can take from 1 day to 2 days And have a tax or commission of 0 59 Dollars númber 5 gpt planet you can register for the Same way as the other ptc's Accepted in all countries Pays you $ 0001 per click and $ 0

002 By the clips of the referred ones Payments can take hours and even Days he has no conviction to pay the Minimum payment is $ 1 númber 4 grandbux Offers an advanced system already That exists since 2014 in the market As in other ptc contains a Trap advertisement as you can see it Ad removes $ 1 from your balance And if you press it three times Will cancel the account Ptc pays you $ 0001 per Ad and $ 0005 per click Of those referred to are the Instant no commission fee Minimum payment is $ 5 ptc is Can be used in all countries of the world númber 3 buxvertise Takes little time in the Market but just like the previous ones It does pay its users something that You must keep in mind this ptc is that Contains a trap advertisement that should not Delete this ad is used for Detect those who try to cheat The ptc pays you $ 1500 per Announcement and $ 0005 for Advertisements of your referrals payments are Performed instantly and do not have commission The page offers different ways of Among them cne téller Pay almost instantly númber 2 clicsense Ptc exists from the Year 2007 and has paid since then To register for this ptc you must Fill out a form Then they will send you an email from Confirmation and you're ready to go To start making money in this Page you must click the ads That are available is ptc Will pay you $ 0

001 per click and $ 0003 for the clips of the Referenced payments on this page Can last for three to six days They have commission and the minimum payment this 6 Dollars númber 1 Allows you to earn money from different Ways since it offers a variety of Tools like regular ads The mini works among others Regular ads give you 0001 Dollars per click and $ 0005 By the clips of the referred payments Minimum is two dollars Payments are made instantly and not they have commission The mini jobs are those that you Will allow you to earn more as companies External contractors to work on the Most jobs are completed Filling in surveys is very easy I recommend Thank you for watching the video I hope you Have served and do not forget to give him thumb Up and subscribe