Cómo Ganar Dinero con Youtube 2017 | Paso a Paso | Monetizar Videos y Adsense

Very good to all the welcome another day to the channel of Pro Gadget Review Very attentive to this video because I will explain how you can win MONEY Via YouTube This is going to be a different video than I think most people do Well you have to know how to moentizar the videos Then look for an agreement with brands that sponsor your videos Hey Join a network Here we are not going to do it step by step What I will not explain is how to create a youtube account That I take for granted that you all have a gmail okay? That's basic and i'm going to skip it But if we are going to do step by step De, we created an account with adcell that is the platform to make money We associated a bank account How can we charge Which is the minimum we have to collect to collect How to put ads Anyway, how to make that video start making money So, check out our YouTube account So the most important thing is that the whole process is very clear So that you can configure the YouTube account like me To start making money Well gentlemen, this is the most basic thing we have to start Create a YouTube channel Well, you can all do it in a very simple way Simply by using your Google account We will not have to do practically anything else How are you watching I have not added a banner or added photo Right now I have it from scratch okay ? Let's start from the one moment Once we have our YouTube account created You'll see how we can navigate from the video manager In the channel function we can see what the status of your channel If we have it right As you are seeing we can see all the functions Which are active and which are not In my case you see as for example earning Well, I have to activate it As for example activate the option of videos of greater duration In short, this is done in a very simple way Simply verifying our YouTube account And how is it verified? So very simple The first thing we have to give it is that blue button where he checks And what are we going to ask? Very simple A phone number where they will call us or send us a text message Where we will have to enter a verification code that will send us Once we found this step and give us that number is worth? And introduce it Our channel will be verified forever One very important thing that you should know is that this verification It is not the verification of the tic that you see in many channels It is simply a verification to activate those functions that you commented before okay? With which, as you have seen, I just checked And it already comes out as I am verified And we will have the function to obtain income where we will simply have to activate it okay?